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Welcome to Peaceful Valley Honey

Peaceful Valley Honey is going in a different direction! We will be updating our website soon to reflect this. Greg has accepted a job with the NC Department of Agriculture as an Apiary Inspector (bee inspector). Our focus will be on educating beekeeper and the public about the pests and diseases that honey bees face.

Greg with Frame of HoneybeesCourtney at Bee HivesKristen Gets Ready to Check Bee HivesJordan Operates Honey Extractor
Greg examines frame, Courtney checks hives, Kristen readies to check hives, Jordan extracts honey.

Peaceful Valley Honey is a family endeavor. Though all of our kids have grown up and moved too far away to help us on a regular basis, most of them live close enough to make it home during the really busy times at the apiary. At an hour away, Kristen is able to spend the most time working with us. We appreciate the help that all of them give now and have given in the past.

We are also grateful for the seasonal help that Courtney and Jordan are able to give. With Nathan in California and Tristan in Delaware, we are happy just to visit with them when we can! All five of them have very busy lives. We think you'll find that the family that makes up Peaceful Valley Honey is much like your own.

I'm sometimes asked why I'm not in any beekeeping photos. Easy answer? I'm the family photographer. Truth? It's because I don't enjoy being photographed!
Here is a rare shot of me with my mother, oldest daughter & grandson on his first birthday. And yes, he had his first taste of honey that day!

GG, Grandma, Mom and Baby

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